Master Class in HCM

Thursday Evening December 11, 2014

08:00 Dinner in San Francisco

Friday (all-day) December 12, 2014

07:00 Breakfast

07:45 Introductions / Expectations

08:00 Map of the HCM Marketplace

● History, Verticals, Point Solutions, Platforms, Suites, Apps

08:30 Trends to Watch

● Data Portability, Speed to Application, Insights as a Service (IaaS), What is Big (HR) Data

09:00 The HR Buyer

● Who are They and What do They Care About? The silos of HR and their relative importance.

10:00 Break

10:30 Traditional Analysts, Social Media Personalities,Journalists / Press and Influencers

● The Players, The Game

11:00 Conference Circuits, Ed Cals and Awards

● Global, National, Regional, Local, HRTech(s), The Players, The Game

11:30 HCM Themes That Seem To Work & Nicheing Out

● How, When, Examples

12:00 Working Lunch | Belle of the Ball

● Examples of Standing Out at HR Conferences (Can we deliver a way of thinking about it?)

01:00 Leveraging Social Media within HCM & Building External Brand Advocates

● Twitter Chats, Multi-Contributor Blogs, Podcasts, Tweetups, Unlocking Advocacy

01:30 Mergers, Acquisitions and Investors in HCM

● History, 2014, Key Metrics, Who invests in What, What’s Hot, What to Expect

02:30 The HR Consulting World

● The Players, The Game

03:00 Break

03:30 Building an Ecosystem: Where Biz Dev Meets Tech

● APIs, Data, The deal process, The Human Ecosystem

04:00 Competitive Landscape

● Understanding Advantage, Seeing Vulnerabilities

05:00 Closing Remarks & Q&A