Master The Human Capital Management Market

Understanding the Marketplace, its Evolution, and its Future.
The Master Class on the Human Capital Management Market:

Our market attracts great marketers, investors, salespeople, executives and technology professionals. They arrive, after successful careers elsewhere, ready to get going. That’s when they discover that the world isn’t what they wanted or expected.

The HCM and HR Technology markets have very unique subcultures, buying cycles, technical priorities, and ecosystems. Understanding that context is the learning curve for the competent people who arrive without market understanding. This course is the one-day indoctrination in HR Tech market realities and opportunities.

How can you communicate the next great idea in human resources and recruiting when you think you already have the answers? When was the last time you comprehensively reviewed the recruiting and human resources market with fresh eyes?

Right away, you’ll notice that we won’t focus on skills development, new marketing techniques, or personal development. You can barely find networking on our agenda. This is a course that focuses on giving you a comprehensive, essential look at the lay of the land.

What we’re NOT doing is teaching you how to be more competent sales or marketing professionals. We assume you are good at your job. We’re simply addressing the fact that the HCM industry is humongous and more than a little counterintuitive.

We think you already know how to ‘fish.’ This one-day Master Class is designed to help you get comfortable with this pond and these fish. Technique, tactics, and shiny new tools are things to get elsewhere.

We’ll equip you with a clear understanding of the market, its dynamics, what’s been tried and what most certainly works. You’ll come away with a better understanding of product trends, key players in social media, the analyst community, and things to watch with investors and M&A.

The class is for you whether you are new to the space or have been inside your company for a while and need a refresher.

Who is this class for?

  • New to the Industry
  • Marketers
  • Product Developers and Designers
  • Product Owners
  • Investors
  • C-Level Executives
  • PR leaders

The Master Class is designed for leaders and investors who want a clear view of this landscape. We won’t dispense magic formulas for marketing success. We won’t bury you in the latest app. We won’t subject you to presentations from people who want to sell you a solution.

This is a very intense, high density information transfer. Expect to pay attention and to absorb. Expect to walk away better prepared to move your company forward. Expect a much clearer view of the HCM Technology market and its operations.

Why you need to be there & who else will attend

The HR Marketplace has different rhythms, sales cycles, notions about innovation, perceptions of risk and professional stature. Other B2B markets focus on corporate citizens who are closer to the top line. As a staff function, HR has a unique view of all sorts of things.

It takes 6 to 8 months for a sales person, fresh from another vertical, to find their way. Only half of the people who start the journey finish it. For that reason, the cost of building a sales force is roughly one year’s pay per salesperson. That’s significantly higher than elsewhere.

The HR Buyer is a conservative group from a staff function. With the typical bottom-line focus of a staff organization, HR is deeply concerned about cost savings and efficiency. Effectiveness (doing the right things right) is less of a concern.

The HR Department is divided into a number of silos. Often, the groups are completely un-integrated. That makes delivery of tools that unite those silos problematic.

Once you start to find your way in this market, you’ll forget its initial “Through the Looking Glass,” feel. The course is designed to ease and accelerate the transition.

You’ll be in the room with senior leaders who want to make sure their market knowledge is comprehensive. They know that you can’t be competitive without understanding it.